TOEKENZ announces the First Family-focused NFT Marketplace

Content and tech startup Toekenz Collectibles announced the forthcoming launch of TOEKENZ, the first family-focused and kid-safe NFT application. Toekenz will become available to invitation-only customers starting in July 2022. The platform and marketplace will include blockchain-based digital collectibles, games, and communities, all centered around popular kid and family brands, as revealed in a Toekenz promo video.

The Toekenz app, which will be available for iOS and Android, will feature intuitive kid-friendly design, a marketplace where families can buy/sell NFTs, Play-to-Collect™ gaming, Learn-to-Earn™ curricula, and a robust, unparalleled set of controls, which give parents complete visibility and peace-of-mind.

Toekenz was designed from the ground up to serve the NFT and crypto-curious.

“Toekenz will change who has access to NFTs, lowering the barriers to entry for everyday families, making digital collectibles accessible, and equipping kids with new skills to navigate the metaverse as it evolves,” Statement CEO and Co-Founder Iris Ichishita.  “I’m thrilled for my girls to build their first collections,” she of her two children.

“This is revolutionary,” said Neale Godfrey, advisor to Toekenz Collectibles and Chairperson of the Children’s Financial Network. “In addition to creating the world’s first NFT marketplace for kids, we’re also creating the world’s first intergenerational DAO! A place for kids to get involved with finance and democracy through NFTs.”

The New York Times #1 best-selling author of books teaching kids about money, Godfrey, is talking about a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), an online community with real governance. “Toekenz is an unparalleled opportunity for families to learn about de-fi together,” Godfrey said. “There are lots of places where kids can play around with funny money, but the only way to truly learn is to use real money and assets with real value—with adult supervision, of course.”

NFTs that have real-world value can be collected or won by both parents and kids. Brands benefit from innovative programs with online fan communities.

Toekenz will release NFT collections and companion games with characters kids love and know. “We’re partnering with outstanding brands–brands that are hyper-relevant to families. Not only are we enabling kids to own a piece of what they love in a safe environment, but we’re enabling our license partners to build their first Web3 fan communities and engage their family audiences in truly meaningful ways,”  Susan PeiaToekenz Collectibles’ licensing advisor

Parents are just as important as their children’s characters. Safety is the most important thing. “The single foremost message we receive from parents is the concern about safety. That’s why we brought on Iris—to build a product to be a premium, child-safe and parent-controlled entrée to the metaverse,”  James RunnelsFounder and Chairman of Toekenz Collectibles, and CEO of Digital Prime Technologies., a digital prime brokerage solution provider for Wall Street bank. “We are excited to bring the Toekenz experience to the public this summer.”

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