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    Topsort Raises $8M in Seed Funding


    $8m was raised in seed capital by Topsort, a San Francisco-based startup that offers auction-based advertising infrastructure.

    Pear Ventures, Quiet Capital and FJLabs were the backers. Lydia Jett, Softbank, Akhil Paul, Comma VC as well as other individual investors were also included. Topsort was valued at $110 million in this seed funding round.

    The company intends use the funds to increase its growth and expand its product offerings.

    Topsort was established just over one year ago by Regina Ye, Francisco Larrain, CTO Michael Ostrovsky and Regina Ye. Topsort’s API allows retailers and marketplaces to scale native revenue via auction-based advertising infrastructure. This will allow them to create greater relevancy, margins, and enhance the user experience.

    The company also already has dozens of customers including Yummy, Facily, Airlift, Chiper, the Colombian retailer Sodimac and Atida – the owner of European pharmacies Mifarma and Aponeo.


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