Toqio Embeds into Its Platform to Meet PSD2 Requirements, a fintech solution that provides innovative and quickly deployable open banking services to banks and other account providers has partnered with Toqio the fintech SaaS platform that allows organizations to launch and build fintech offerings.

Addressing Toqio’s PSD2 (Payment Service Directive Two) requirement to ensure that consumers and SMEs using the services of its clients have access to payments and account information through open banking channels, has integrated its technology into the Toqio platform. PSD2 legislation is intended to allow consumers access through third-party involvement in an improved customer authentication environment.

The majority of Toqio’s clients need to comply with PSD2 by having a Dedicated Interface, meaning that they are required to have compliant systems to enable ‘Trusted Third Party’ onboarding, consent management, support, regulatory reporting, and publishing of real-time performance web statistics. All PSD2 API-related activities are handled by Toqio clients benefit from these capabilities being pre-built into Toqio’s platform. This reduces development time and complexity, as well as speeding up the time it takes to launch.

David Monty is the founder and CEO at “In conjunction with, Toqio has impressive growth plans, and we are delighted to be working with them in making the proposition for their clients as seamless as possible as far as their PSD2 obligations are concerned.”

Mike Galvin, Cofounder and CCO of Toqio, was also added. “Embedding the tell.gateway capabilities into the Toqio marketplace is an important step for us. The obligations set out in PSD2 are frequently a friction point for our clients and taking away this area of concern for them gives Toqio a clear market advantage.”

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