Transition Bio Closes $50M Series A Financing

Funding in Series A of $50m was raised by Transition Bio, Inc., a Cambridge-based and UK-based provider for a microfluidics-driven platform for drug discovery using biophysical science and artificial intelligence tools to map, modify and regulate biomolecular compounds.

Northpond Ventures was the lead investor and Magnetic Ventures joined him. Lifeforce Capital, which was the lead investor in the seed financing, participated as well as other seed investors.

Transition Bio’s chief executive officer Greg Miller is leading the company. He leads it as a provider of a microfluidics-driven platform for drug discovery. This platform uses microfluidics in high-throughput data generation to enable machine-learning-guided condensate target detection and drug discovery.

The funding will allow rapid expansion of the technology, scaling up the platform and translating science across a range of diseases.

Shilpi, Ph.D. joined Transition Bio to become senior vice president of research. She brings extensive experience in drug discovery, target identification, validation and pharmacology, as well as translational sciences, from her previous roles in academia, and the biotech sector. Shilpi Arora, Ph.D., was previously vice president of discovery & translational biology at Exo Therapeutics. Prior to that, she also worked at Constellation Pharmaceuticals, X-Chem Pharmaceuticals, and the Translational Genomics Research Institute.

Transition Bio also made updates to its board. Shaan C. Gandhi, M.D., D.Phil., director and head of the biotechnologies group at Northpond Ventures, has been appointed to the Company’s board. Alfred W. Sandrock, Jr., M.D., Ph.D., former head of research & development at Biogen, was also appointed as an independent director of the Board. Kelly Martin, Ph.D. and Samuel Cohen, Ph.D. will continue to serve as the executive chairman and director on the board.

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