TreasurySpring is a partner with the London Stock Exchange

You can partner with the London Stock Exchange, TreasurySpring you can now OfferUnique opportunity for investment corporations to access Shortterm sustainable FundingIts fast-growing client base includes 100+ cash-rich investor.

Through the London Stock Exchange’s Issuer Services platform, TreasurySpringThis unique opportunity gives issuers access to the Internet Shortterm Sustainable FundingFrom its rapidly-growing client base, which includes more than 100 investors. TreasurySpring’s clients will soon be able to access, sustainable cash investment products offered by investment corporations in addition to the 300+ products available through TreasurySpring’s Fixed-Term Fund (FTF) platform. The partnership leverages TreasurySpring’s existing infrastructure and technology, with the London Stock ExchangeAccreditation SustainableClear and transparent criteria are used to determine issuers

This partnership builds upon TreasurySpring’s central belief of delivering ‘a better way’ for investment firms to raise Shortterm Funding. Through the TreasurySpringThe platform will give corporations an easy, digital way to raise capital. Shortterm (<1 year) SustainableBorrowing that is compatible with their wider Environmental Social Governance (ESG), diversifies their financing sources and can reduce their borrowing costs Funding costs.

For TreasurySpring’s clients, the initiative offers a new opportunity for an excess cash investment to contribute positively to a firm’s ESG agenda, without compromising on the core goals of maintaining security, matching liquidity and earning a fair return.

The London Stock ExchangeIt continues to promote its vision of serving customers all over the world. Fundingcontinuum, encouraging new ideas and reaffirming their commitment to support the growth Sustainable finance.

The London Stock Exchange’s Issuer Services platform offers issuers access to the TreasurySpringplatform via its Digital Treasury solutions to unlock opportunities to manage them FundingNeeds in an innovative and Sustainable way.

  1. Sign a simple, ShortRequest form for an unsecured facility arrangement via the TreasurySpring platform.

  2. Enter the amount you desire termRate of financing, currency

  3. You can now go live on the TreasurySpringPlatform that allows investors to see the offering.

  4. When interested investors sign up, you will receive funds.

TreasurySpring’s FTFs are financial products that OfferFixed exposure to debt of a single investment grade issuer term.

FTFs may provide access to high-rated financial institutions, sovereigns and corporations, as well as supranational or corporate banks.

All issuance vehicles TreasurySpringPlatform are considered alternative investment funds by the Jersey Financial Services Commission under the Alternative Investment Funds Regulations 2012.

The London Stock ExchangeAccreditation will be granted to recognize sustainableThrough the TreasurySpring platform. This will utilize LSEG’s ESG data and methodology to identify companies that meet certain ESG metrics or are contributing to the green and sustainableEconomy through their business activity Funding frameworks.

To be considered a “Sustainable Issuer”, an issuer must meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • At least a B+ Refinitiv ESG Score means it ranks in top third of its peer groups. Refinitiv is an LSEG company that provides ESG scores.

  • Qualify for London Stock Exchange’s Green Economy Mark, i.e. issuers listed on its equity markets derive at least 50% of their revenues from green environmental products and services, as defined by FTSE Russell’s Green Revenues Classification System

  • Display its securities at the SustainableBond Market has its ESG framework published and aligns with:

    • The ICMA Green Bond Principles 2021

    • The Social Bond Principles 2021 (and/or

    • the Sustainability-Linked Bond Principles 2020.

Each of these requires that a company has a sustainability strategy in place at issuer level.

“We are thrilled to be entering into this exciting partnership with the London Stock Exchange. Our shared passion is to find a better way for markets to have greater access to liquidity, transparency and access to them in particular. Shortterm FundingMarkets in particular are highlighted by a strong dedication to the growth Sustainable finance.”

Kevin Cook, CEO & Co-founder TreasurySpring

“Integrating our unique technology and infrastructure with LSEG’s experience, data and frameworks means we can build a simple, digital solution to a problem that the market has been grappling with for some time. Transparency and investor demand can be bridged. SustainableLarge corporations are increasingly looking to align their cash investments and have a greater desire to invest in cash investment products. Funding to their firm’s ESG agenda enables us to deliver genuine innovation in sustainable finance.”

Henry Adams, CPO TreasurySpring

“As a market infrastructure provider, committed to encouraging innovation, we look forward to collaborating with TreasurySpring. The London Stock ExchangeSupports the expansion of SustainableFinance via its fixed income and equity markets. We are looking forward to this expansion to the Shortterm debt markets through our Issuer Services platform.”

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