Tribe Payments introduces Discover to expand scheme access

Payment technology provider, Tribe Payments, the company announced it will incorporate the Discover Global Network into its core API-led platform ISAAC. Tribe will be able to process Discover, Diners Club International, and affiliate network partner transactions initially. More issuer processing will follow in the months. Connect to Amex, JCB, Mastercard, UnionPay International and VisaTribe is now the first modern processor that integrates the six most important international card schemes with Discover.

The Discover Global Network is one of the largest global card schemes. It aims to enable millions of businesses to grow their customer base via seamless global payments. For its 280 million cardholders1 as well as the 60 million merchants using its network, Discover processes billions in transactions. It has more than 200 countries or territories.

Discover Global Network payment schemes will be integrated into Tribe’s core API-led platform, ISAAC. With Tribe’s acquirer processing technology, merchants can support major card schemes and in-demand payment methods. Any channel and any device type can be used to make payments, including online, mobile, point-of-sale, and via any other channel. In addition, Tribe’s solution also supports multi-currency processing, so customers can cater for a number of currencies and extend their reach. The integration will be extended to issuer processing so that Tribe’s issuing clients can develop Discover branded card programmes.

“We believe in powering payments innovation to help businesses grow,” Matt Sloan, Discover’s vice president for international markets, said: “Our global payments network is built on partnerships, and our collaboration with Tribe is another step on our mission to deliver ever-expanding global reach and reliable payment experiences whenever, wherever and however they’re needed.”

“Discover is a critical scheme for us to support, particularly for our clients who are looking to improve the reach and scale of their operations around the world,” Alex Reddish is the Managing Director of Tribe Payments. “We’re committed to ensuring our platform connectivity supports customer choice and growth opportunities, especially the cross-border, omnichannel payments that the market is demanding. Becoming the first modern processor to offer unrivalled scheme connectivity – all via API – is a testament to that commitment.”

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