Troob Capital Management closes Second Tactical Opportunities Fund at $209M

Troob Capital Management, LLC, a White Plains, NY-based private investor firm that specializes in providing capital solutions for entities in unserved market segments closed its TCM Tactical Opportunities fund II, LP, at 209m.

TCM Tac Opps Fund II provides access to debt or equity capital to companies with liquidity needs up to $20 million.

The fund will be able to deploy capital on existing and new platforms through trusted partners. This will allow for repeatable, scalable investments. These are structured and specialty financings that have a shorter duration and cash flowing assets like working capital and secured financing. Private capital financings include private debt, equity and real-estate development as well as trade claims and litigation financings.

Troob Capital Management, headed by Peter Troob & Douglas Troob is an investment management firm that pursues a tactical opportunities strategy. TCM has a wealth of experience in structuring investments across multiple asset types and capital structures.

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