True Captive Insurance selects Gradient AI for Deeper Insights

Gradient AI, a leader in enterprise software providers artificial intelligence (AI) solutions in the insurance industry announced today that True Captive Insurance, a provider of innovative healthcare solutions for employers of all sizes, has selected its SAIL™ solution to help reduce group healthcare insurance costs while maintaining a high standard of care for member companies.

True Captive is a health insurance captive that allows companies to take more control of their insurance plans. tremendous growth. Employers can use a captive insurance model to get healthcare coverage at rates normally reserved for larger companies.

To gain a better understanding of the data needed to make the best decisions for members, True Captive chose Gradient AI’s SAIL solution as the key technology enabler of its business model. SAIL, Gradient AI’s medical underwriting solution, evaluates group health risk at a deeper level by leveraging a vast medical dataset and machine learning.

True Captive chose SAIL because of its unique ability to provide both medical and prescription data that can be used to help it make predictions.

According to David Voorhees is the founder and CEO of True Captive. “SAIL offers accurate and deep risk assessments providing access to both prescription and medical data. This allows us and our members to help reduce their insurance costs. For example, we can identify instances where an expensive drug or treatment may be sourced at a lower cost or perhaps replaced with step therapy as an effective alternative treatment.”

True Captive leverages SAIL to determine group healthcare risk and drill down to the specific drivers behind a group’s risk. The company’s core strategy is to help employers get affordable health insurance. This ability allows it to break down the drivers of risk. With SAIL’s data and analytics capabilities, the company can identify specific cases where healthcare can be delivered in more efficient and cost-effective ways.

Voorhees was added “we believe the holy grail of health insurance is delivering quality care at a lower cost and Gradient AI’s SAIL solution is key in helping us reach this goal. It is the most robust group healthcare analytics and data solution on the market requiring little to no human intervention to obtain deep data insights.”

SAIL provides True Captive with the information they need to be trusted advisors and go beyond selling insurance.

“We are excited and proud to support True Captive’s mission to make healthcare more affordable while ensuring employees can access a high standard of care,” Stan Smith, founder and CEO of Gradient AI, said:

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