UAE’s Augustus Media acquires CamPlus Sports

Augustus Media successfully acquired CamPlus Sports in Dubai. This Dubai-based sports integrator shows live matches as well as on-demand recordings. CamPlus Sports makes local sport more accessible. They provide broadcasting services for various schools and sports clubs throughout the country. CamPlus Sports can also be viewed live from any location or via the unique App.

CamPlus Sports, which was acquired by Augustus Media, will now be owned by Smashi TV. Smashi TV is a live streaming technology company in the Middle East and tech business. The content will be incorporated into Smashi’s OTT programming, under the Smashi Sports brand. Smashi Sports will expand its sports content business by entering the live sport space through the rebranding of Cam Plus Sports. Augustus will be granted content rights and technology that can bring live sports to Smashi TV as part of the acquisition. “This acquisition will provide many additions to the sports and federations such as interviews with officials in clubs and federations, players and coaches, as well as commentary and match highlights.” Ismail Al Mazmi, Founder, CamPlus Sports commented.

Augustus Media has been granted broadcasting rights by the UAE Federations For Volleyball, Handball and Futsal. Apart from the live sports, Augustus Media now owns sixteen AI cameras from Pixellot as well as their AI software that allows remote broadcasting. Smashi Sports will look at opportunities for UAE Football and Basketball Federations to improve its streaming offerings. As plans call for expansion into popular sports in the region, Smashi Sports and its production and commercial team members will be looking at these possibilities.

Richard Fitzgerald CEO of Augustus Media shared his thoughts on the acquisition, “The vision of Ismail Al Mazmi has shown in creating CamPlus sports has been really impressive, he rightly identified that the future of live sports is through digital and streaming. This strategy aligns with what we are doing for Smashi and it’s the perfect fit to incorporate what is already in place as part of Smashi Sports. Smashi’s vision is to be the leading media brand for youth, one that captures their mindset. We can also use sport to document the rise and fall of the next generation of stars in the Middle East.

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