UAE’s QiDZ app receives investment from CASF

Cairo Angels Syndicate Fund is pleased to announce that it has invested in QiDZ, an entertainment market startup.

Built by and for parents, QiDZ is the first and leading mobile app in the region to bring a unique platform that consolidates all the family-related entertainment and kids’ activities of all ages in one place. Users can instantly find thousands of educational and fun activities, deals, restaurants, and other entertainment options and book online. QiDZ launched initially in UAE. But, they are now focusing their efforts on regional expansion. They have successfully entered the Saudi market and have begun to scale up. This funding round will be used primarily to fuel regional expansion, enhance their tech infrastructure, and hire talent.

“As parents ourselves we know how important it can be to find appropriate entertainment activities for our children that meet our individual needs.  We are excited that with this investment we will be able to continue expanding our offering and  reach and empower more parents to make the right choices for their families.” Stated Simona Agolini, Founder and CEO of QiDZ.

“Anyone who has kids can immediately identify with the need for this service and how important it is to connect families with kids’ entertainment activities that are customized to their needs. Simona and her cofounders have created a compelling solution, scaled the business quickly and achieved impressive results. The best is yet to come and we are excited to be a part of their journey” said Aly El Shalakany, CEO of the Cairo Angels Syndicate Fund.


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