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    Uniswap launches a venture arm to accelerate web3 development

    Uniswap Labs – the organization behind the popular DeFi exchange – announced the launch of Uniswap Labs Ventures. As such, it intends to “bring millions of people into the emerging Web3 economy” and invest in additional crypto enterprises.

    Enter Uniswap Labs Ventures

    In a recent blog post, the company said it is “proud of the foundational products and infrastructure” it has built so far. However, the company has ambitious plans to continue to interact with the Web3 world, which is why it founded Uniswap Labs Ventures. This initiative will make it possible to invest in the sector, as well establish connections with other crypto projects.

    “Uniswap Labs Ventures will invest in teams at different stages and levels of the Web3 stack, from infrastructure to developer tools and consumer-facing applications. We’re also focused on investing in projects that are closely aligned with our values: building for the long term, collaborating openly with communities, and putting users first.”

    According to the organization, it has extensive experience in this field and has invested in 11 entities as well as several native protocols within the Web3 ecosystem. Tenderly, LayerZero and MakerDAO are some examples.

    Uniswap Labs pointed out that the crypto-native team at Uniswap Labs could assist users in any aspect of their endeavors, from strategy formulation to engineering and design.

    Additionally, the company stated it is aware of the importance of “responsible protocol governance.” As such, the team will participate in on and off-chain governance, collaborating with other communities:

    “So far, we plan to participate in the governance systems of the MakeDAO, Aace, Compound, and Ethereum Name Service protocols.”

    Uniswap’s Latest Upgrades

    Uniswap Labs launched an updated Auto Router in 2021. It optimizes token swaps and offers gas savings. This advanced feature improves trade prices by routing transactions through Uniswap v2 & v3 protocols. This allows customers to see the exact cost of swaps in real time directly from the app interface.

    This upgrade was also intended to make trading more efficient by reducing gas costs. Before you could submit a swap, the Uniswap application provided a USD estimate of gas fees. The application calculates the gas cost for each transaction and automatically sets the prices.

    Soon after, the decentralized platform announced its launch on the Polygon Layer 2 protocol. The move follows a vote conducted by Polygon’s Co-Founder – Mihailo Bjelic – who previously praised it. A large majority of participants supported deployment of Uniswap v3 via the blockchain network.

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