Unreserved Raises $33.85M in Seed Funding

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Unreserved, an Ottawa-based PropTech company has raised $33.85m.

Ryan O’Connor led the round. He took his digital auto auction business E INC (TSE: EINC), public earlier this year at a value of more than half a billion dollars. Simon Dean, Jason Chapnik and many real estate professionals also participated in the round.

Matthew Hoar, President of Unreserved, addresses the biggest problems consumers have when selling or buying a home. He leverages property auction technology to address these issues.

This technology platform allows buyers and sellers to place bids on homes online in real-time. It eliminates blind-bidding, bully offers, and removes the possibility of being robbed. Unreserved also offers full-service auction services, including staging, marketing and promotion, to attract qualified buyers as well as interested sellers.

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