Untapped Global received a pre-seed round in the amount of US$10.3 Million

Untapped Global has been awarded a pre-seed round in the amount of US$10.3 millions in equity and debt. This will help to develop its smart assets financing strategy. It funds revenue-generating assets for entrepreneurs in Africa, Latin America and other countries. 

Untapped Global is a global investment company with offices in San Francisco and Africa. The team has all-female leadership and aims to help the next million entrepreneurs reach their full potential. 

The firm has just launched its public beta platform that uses real-time data to provide transparency and insight to foreign investors looking to invest in Africa or other emerging markets.

Smart Asset Financing uses IoT to analyse investment risk and provide investors with real-time information on investment performance in order to guarantee attractive returns. 

Jim Chu, CEO and founder at Untapped Global, says that Africa’s rapid digitalization is making it the ideal time to explore investing in these markets. 

Accredited investors now have the ability to use the Untapped investment platform in order to monitor the performance of their investments real-time. 

Anyone can sign up, and retail investors will also be able use the platform by the end 2022. 

Untapped Global has provided capital for more than 5,000 entrepreneurs who work in areas such clean water, solar and inclusive fintech.

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