VeChain Becomes UFC’s First Layer 1 Blockchain Partner

VeChain – the layer one blockchain focusing on sustainability and logistics – has formed a partnership with the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). The world-famous mixed martial arts organisation will integrate the network in a series of live events as well as media channels. VeChain-branded assets are set to debut at the Singapore Indoor Stadium this Saturday, June 11.

According to the official announcement, VeChain is the first-ever base blockchain that receives “unprecedented integration into UFC assets through this extensive collaboration. The project will access a variety of “meaningful brand visibility” across live broadcasts of UFC’s major events.

The two will also collaborate on various custom and original content that features UFC athletes and talent. Under the multi-year agreement, VeChain will own UFC’s official fighter rankings titles:

“The integration also provides VeChain with a strong association with one of the most important components of UFC matchmaking — the fighter rankings.”

Considering that UFC could potentially reach 900 million audiences from 175 countries, the new partnership was seen by Sunny Lu – the co-founder and CEO of VeChain – as a “historic moment” for the company.

According to Sports Business Journal sources, the deal is worth close to $100 million with a minimum 5-year agreement.

UFC Senior VP/Global Partnerships Paul Asencio said that – after one of the MMA circuit’s largest sponsorships – the organization’s sponsorship revenues are already up 30% from last year.

UFC’s engagement with the crypto industry could be traced back to its announcement of an official partnership with CryptoCom last year. UFC’s president Dana White called the crypto firm “the best partner” the organization has ever had. UFC stated in April that it would pay cryptocurrency bonuses to UFC fighters thanks to CryptoCom.

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