Plaid and Very Good Security Partners (VGS) to Improve Data Security

Very Good Security (VGS), a company focused on protecting the world’s sensitive data, enabling innovation while ensuring security and privacy, announced an expanded partnership with Plaid, a data network that powers the tools millions of people rely on to live healthier financial lives. VGS will be a preferred tokenization partner for Plaid customers.

Tokenization can protect sensitive data and personally identifiable information (PII), from being misused or exposed. VGS will provide tokenization services and financial data vaulting for Plaid customers. VGS will seamlessly integrate with Plaid APIs to provide end-to-end security for Plaid customers. The VGS Zero Data™ Platform provides tokenization of sensitive data reducing liability and eliminating attack surfaces. VGS expedites PCI DSS, GDPR, and SOC2 certifications and lowers compliance costs by as much as 70%.

VGS Tokenization and Zero Data™ Platform allow companies to extract value from sensitive data with format preservation and full portability, allowing customers to avoid vendor lock-in and take back significant, valuable time spent on data security hygiene and compliance maintenance. VGS allows customers to secure operate, innovate and monetize their sensitive data in different ways, without having to worry about security and compliance. Companies can achieve better business outcomes by shifting data from their servers to client-side applications and unlocking latent values.

“Building and operating financial apps involves interacting with PII and sensitive account data. Technology companies building these apps get more value from data when tokenization is employed, which creates protection for the end-user and efficient, secure operations for the company,” said Hoang Leung, Head of Payments Products & Solutions at VGS. “This partnership empowers Plaid customers to easily employ proven data security solutions with no disruption to their ecosystem, leading to greater value from their secured data.”

“Good data stewardship is critical for Plaid and all companies in the digital finance ecosystem to ensure consumer information is protected at every step,” Paul Williamson is Head of Revenue at Plaid. “Working with partners like Very Good Security, we can help our customers raise the bar on data security, allowing them to focus on building great products with peace of mind knowing the data is highly secure.”

Please visit this page to learn more about VGS and Plaid. You can learn more about VGS by contacting your Plaid representative.

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