Vivian Agbata, Zenithchain’s Vivian Agbata discusses visibility for women in tech

It’s a well-known fact, that women are underrepresented within the global tech industry. This underrepresentation means that women do not have the same visibility and opportunities as their male counterparts in tech.

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Vivian Agbata is the Zenithchain Public Relations Officer, a blockchain company. This means that she has to constantly make herself heard in places where men are leading conversations. In a video interview with Tech Next’s Women in Tech series she shared her story about how she found herself in tech through determination and grit.

Born in Lagos, the University of Port-Harcourt Economics graduate returned to base to start her own business and make a living. After working in merchandising, marketing and promotional roles, she decided to pursue a career in technology.

She became interested in technology after watching her college friends code, but she felt that it was impossible for her to do. She eventually made the decision to pursue it, and her experience as an economist helped her secure a job at Zenithchain, a startup that uses blockchain technology.

She decided to go into tech and needed to re-acquire technical knowledge. She enrolled at the National Institute of Information Technology to study Management Information Systems. The company noticed her incredible talent as a marketer while she was working as a financial analyst and made her the Public Relations Officer.

Blockchain industry unicorn

Blockchain technology has been one of the most significant developments in our time. The blockchain has many possibilities. This includes cryptocurrency, Decentralised finance (DeFi), NFTs, and the metaverse.

It is very rare for women to be involved in the Nigerian technology sector. survey of 93 tech companies was conducted by ONE Campaign, the Center for Global Development and found that only six of them had a woman at the top of their management ranks. Worse, over a third of the companies surveyed did not employ any women.

The blockchain sector has a lower percentage of women. How does Vivian keep her mouth shut when she talks about the blockchain industry?

“Before I enter any type of meeting, I research everything. She said that although I may not be an expert on a topic, I have a general idea.

Vivian is often alone in the room, and this can present challenges.

“Being talked about is one of the biggest challenges. It’s not a problem that is limited to tech. They believe you have nothing to offer. They feel that you are challenging them and you don’t have much to offer. She said that there is always doubt in your ability to succeed in the tech industry.

However, her solution is to speak up whenever and wherever she can.

“I strive to be a positive influence in every space. When opportunities arise or I look for them, I’m always ready. Vivian stated that women in tech should be bold and assertive.

Tech: Female representation

It is generally accepted that code knowledge is a prerequisite to working in the tech sector. This can discourage people from entering the tech industry. The truth is, the tech industry is growing fast and allows people to work in many different capacities. Other roles are available that are not centered around software development. These roles include technical writing, project management, designing, and technical writing.

Basic computer knowledge is the first step in a tech career. To get some basic knowledge of computing, Vivian took HTML, CSS, and JavaScript courses. However, she concluded that being a developer wasn’t the only way to a career in tech.

You can find shortcuts to typing so that you don’t feel scared. Google has a lot of information. The basics. “We don’t all have to be developers.”

Vivian Agbata

Vivian, a movie buff and avid movie fan, recognizes the importance of women in tech. She cites Jacquelyn Madu, CEO at AzaPay, as well as Ruth Iselema (CEO of Bitmama) among the women she admires within the tech industry.

“There are many women doing great things, I admire their hard work and strength. Jacquelyn, Azapay CEO and Bitmama’s founder. She said that it was really fascinating.

Vivian, a tech player, sees it as an exciting new life. One in which she can offer more and could get more. Vivian is passionate about helping more women access this lifestyle. Vivian was a joy to talk to during our conversation. She loves to share her knowledge with others and to help them understand the Blockchain and crypto space.

Her advice to women who are interested in a career as a technie or for those seeking to get into the field is to be productive and to make an impact.

“More women are needed to take up space. Be loud, productive, and make an impact. There are many opportunities for women in tech. It’s not just for men.

Vivian Agbata

It is important to emphasize the importance of visibility for women in tech as it encourages and highlights the accomplishments of women in the space.

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