Vivo X80 Pro Camera Test and Real-life Photos Leaked

wp 1649824221384Vivo X80 Pro Camera Sample and Real-life Photos

Smartphone industry tends to grab the most recent technology to get the best publicity. However, Vivo appears to be sticking to the post-launch approach.

After Vivo just released the first new professional foldable X Fold and business flagship X Note this Monday, Vivo’s first new X80 series with the Dimensity 9000 processor has new news online today.

Digital Chat Station has reported that the Vivo X80 series will come with the Dimensity9000 processor and self-research imaging chip program. In addition to the CIS (IMX866), the new flagship CIS, which enhances light intake for the photo, the imaging performance of the Vivo X80 series is to permit the photos to be used with night vision general effect.

Vivo X80 Pro Camera Sample
Vivo X80 Pro Camera Sample

Some may argue that it does not reflect the real shooting environment/light. However, you can see the pitch black environment to take bright night photos that are as shocking as possible. This can impress some people.

The Dimensity 9000 processor is MediaTek’s direct counterpart to the Snapdragon 8 Gen1 this year and is also better than the Snapdragon 8 Gen1 in terms of reputation, but the several new models currently on sale are not overlaid with the brand’s accumulated technology in terms of imaging, and the Vivo X80 series, as a relatively late release of the new Dimensity 9000, has had plenty of time to combine its imaging technology with the Dimensity. This flagship Dimensity 9000 is expected to be the best.

Earlier Vivo X80 Series’ suspected official poster also leaked online revealing release date and design aspects. In the meantime, Vivo X80 Pro real-life photos also circulated on Weibo confirming poster’s authenticity.

Vivo X80 Pro Real-life Photos
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