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    Vivo X80 Series Stacked With Cooling Material

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    Vivo X80 Series Stacked With Cooling Material

    Details of the Vivo X80 Series are still unknown. The machine could continue to use its micro cloud platform technology which is more powerful than optical stabilization.

    The micro cloud platform is three times stronger than ordinary optical stabilization in terms of its stabilization angle. It can reach +/- 3 degrees or more. The anti-shake does not cause image loss.

    Video shooting is the most obvious benefit of the microcloud platform. However, video is not the only thing that is important. It is also more important to increase the performance of Super Night View handheld conditions.

    Today, the exposure Digital Chat Station brought us further news about the all-focus all-around image flagship Vivo X80 Series of cell phones. The blogger claims the Vivo X80 with Dimensity9000 has a curved display of 6.78 inches.

    Because the body is large, there’s more room to move around. Vivo has stacked over 4000 square meters of VC cooling space for it, taking into consideration the flagship image. This will allow for better performance.

    Vivo X80 Series will also utilize the X-axis line motor. It is believed that the X axis linearmotor has a variety of advantages over the Z-axis. These include more horsepower, delicate vibration, lower power consumption and power saving. The machine will officially debut according to current information.

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