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    Volition Blue Backs Visible Hands’ $10m Fund as a Limited Partner


    Volition Blue LLC has announced its investment as a Limited Partner in Visible Hands’ Fund One. 

    Venture capital of $10 million is provided to US founders who are underrepresented. Volition Blue partners with institutions such as Equity Alliance and Bank of America.

    Volition Blue is a Limited Partner and provides funding sourced directly from African HNIs. This allows Volition Blue to invest in the earliest stages of the project, where support is scarce.

    Visible Hands is the manager of the fund. Visible Hands was founded in 2020 by a venture capital company to assist ambitious women, BIPOC and Latinx founders who want to lead thriving businesses.

    The company graduated 50 entrepreneurs from Visible Hands Accelerator and completed more than 100 events. It has been featured in Crunchbase and Fortune, as well as the Boston Globe and Fortune, among other publications.

    Africans from the diaspora contributed $41 billion to Africa by 2021. Volition Blue’s mission evolved from the gap in connecting Africans to global wealth opportunities. 

    This wealth will, in turn, contribute to the economic development and well-being of the African people through remittances.

    We recognize that Visible Hands’ Fund One provides an excellent opportunity for Africans to invest in founders in the US who have historically received insignificant attention from the venture capital community. This aligns with our mission to find global wealth options for Africans worldwide.” says Subomi Plumptre, Manager at Volition Blue LLC. “It is also a strategic decision for us to invest in the Fund as a consulting firm that supports international companies looking to set up in Africa.”

    Volition Blue LLC is a Texas-based investment advisory firm bridging the gap between Africans – both resident on the continent and in the diaspora – and global investment opportunities. Volition Blue has made strategic in-roads into the diaspora VC community with its recent investment as a Limited Partner in Visible Hands’ Fund one.

    Visible Hands has created a $10 million fund to help underrepresented founders in America. Volition Blue was also a strategic partner in Volition Cap’s tech entrepreneur ecosystem event hosted in partnership with the Government of Dubai.

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