Vybe Network secures $10.5 million USD Series A funding

Vybe Network, the premier data infrastructure solution, today announced the close of a $10.5 million USD Series A investment. Vybe Network enables the Solana community to query, index and exchange on-chain data to build Web3 dApps and analytics. The round is led by FTX with additional participation from Sino GlobalStaking FacilitiesSerumPanonyTess VenturesContango, Canonical Crypto Fund and EBT Group.

Inaugurated in the summer 2021, the company offers software and infrastructure that allows users easy access to historical and current data from Solana’s blockchain. Vybe’s data indexing is a key component. This allows anyone to host and transmit data to the network in a transparent and permissionless manner. Vybe has experienced significant growth in recent years, and this funding is the latest. The company’s products include the VYBE app and Serum Analytics.

“We’ve seen an unprecedented industry need for an infrastructure like Vybe as new innovations in this space are rapidly evolving,”  Arun DassVybe CEO and Founder. “This funding will accelerate the delivery of our product, advance developers in experiencing more empowerment and fuel participation in the community.”

Vybe will use this new funding to aid in the decentralization of data access and storage, allowing any user – regardless of background or proficiency – to participate in the network, monetize and share their data, power innovative dApps and gain insights into favored Solana protocols. The infrastructure provides the core of the user experience. The company builds on its existing technology and will help users improve their skills while also taking advantage of new developments in blockchain technology.

Vybe will continue to grow as a data provider and infrastructure component of the Solana ecosystem. Vybe users have the opportunity to participate as data providers, or leverage on-chain information to create analytics or data intensive dApps.

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