WAM Launches Play2Earn Platform For Customers

WAM.app is the world’s first hyper-casual gaming platform and internationally validated play-to-earn social gaming platform where users compete in skill-based tournaments in highly engaging online games to win crypto rewards in WAM and NFTs.

Blockchain can be your playground

WAM, the crypto-powered gaming platform, announced the launch of its play2earn function within the WAM app. Users will be able to earn WAM coins playing fun hypercasual online games. Users who have earned XP by playing their favorite games will now be able to convert these points into WAM coins.

Another exciting news item is that WAM will allow its users to purchase WAM coins using a credit card after it has released beta. The process of connecting your wallet is now much easier than ever!

WAM has reached a significant milestone in its quest to increase crypto adoption. It is building a crypto-gaming platform for users to use their credit cards to purchase WAM and take part in tournaments to win more WAM.

WAM is proud to announce play2earn, which represents the real adoption of Blockchain technology among gamers.

WAM believes crypto should be fun and simple to use, and not as a trading or speculative tool. This is because gaming allows users to interact with cryptocurrency in a more intuitive manner than just waiting for assets’ prices to rise or fall.

Crypto can transform the game

The popularity of cryptocurrency has increased over the years. It is used for investing and online transactions. In fact, the majority of gamers are not from the crypto world and are looking for ways they can make money online while still having fun.

The play2earn on WAM’s gaming platform is drawing attention from both crypto and gaming communities and is giving the hyper-casual gaming industry a boost.

There are many hyper-casual games. But what makes WAM stand out is the new play2earn feature. This allows gamers to control their earnings and assets. The next few weeks will see a large migration of hyper-casual gamers who want to earn real value from their skills.

With the user’s best interest in mind

WAM app has recently undergone a fresh redesign, created with usability in mind, improving both users’ interface, experience, and security at the same time.

In the near future, WAM wants to keep you and your friends entertained through team & clans battles. Choose your friends carefully.

That’s right, you could compete against other groups of people in real-time. The best part is that you can live-stream the event—leaderboard updates and all—so your friends and family can watch from afar.

Download WAM right now on Android/iOS/PWA and play in tournaments to win crypto rewards – see for yourself have easy it is with WAM.

About Company

WAM is the world’s first play-to-earn hyper-casual gaming platform. Players can compete in tournaments for WAM coins or NFTs. The app has over 4.5 million users now and was nominated for the “Best Innovation category” at Mobile Games Awards 2021.

​​Its mission is to ignite mass crypto adoption by building a simple to use crypto-gaming platform where users can pay with their credit cards to get WAM and participate in tournaments to earn more WAM.


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