Wamly, SA HR software startup secures Knife Capital funding to support international expansion

Wamly is a South African startup that offers one-way video interviews and has received a second-round investment from Knife Capital. This will allow it to expand internationally.

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Wamly was founded in 2018 by Francois De Wet. It is a one-way video interview tool that allows companies to hire people for vacant positions.

They can filter through more applications faster, review them in their own time and select the best candidates for future interviews. The startup is the largest provider of such services in Africa and has been generating recurring cash flow since its inception.

After receiving funding from Knife Kapital, a venture capital investor manager that accelerates international expansion of African innovation driven businesses through the leverage of knowledge, networks and funding, Wamly plans to increase its growth.

The cash investment will be used for marketing initiatives, to expand teams and to improve product development. Wamly will be able to consolidate its position as the most popular software for local recruiters and to begin executing international expansion plans in Africa and elsewhere.

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