Westcor Land Title Insurance & ClosingLock Partner to Help Combat Wire Fraud

Westcor Land Title Insurance, one of the most reputable national title insurance underwriters ClosingLock, the leading wire fraud prevention platform for the real estate industry, are partnering to help combat wire fraud for Westcor’s agents. This partnership will allow Westcor’s agents to access ClosingLock, which protects them against wire fraud and enhances the closing experience.

“Westcor is one of the most respected brands in the title insurance industry and a great partner for us. We are thrilled that they share our goal of eliminating wire fraud in real estate and are excited to be partnering with them to help protect their agents,” says Andy White, CEO, and co-founder of ClosingLock.

Scott ChandlerWestcor COO: “It’s easy to empathize with someone who has lost their life savings and new home because of wire fraud.  That’s why Westcor is so passionate about protecting consumers and safeguarding our agents, and why we’re being proactive and partnered with ClosingLock.”

ClosingLock is modernizing the real estate world’s way of transferring information to eliminate wire fraud. The company offers a secure platform for law firms and title companies to help them and their clients avoid wire fraud. ClosingLock has helped protect over $100 billion in real estate funds, to date.

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