What is pitch in startups?

The most commonly used jargon in today’s startup ecosystem is investors Pitch. A pitch is a brief introduction to the startup to potential investors. A pitch is meant to attract investors.

All areas should be covered by a pitch.

  1. Vision and Mission
  2. About the Startup & Its Founding Founders
  3. Traction or Market Adoption
  4. Startups and Current Solutions Solve Problems
  5. Market Opportunity
  6. Services or products that are essential
  7. Revenue Model
  8. Market Approach or Strategie
  9. Key Financials

Another well-known pitch is the Elevator Pitch. A pitch presented in less than 30 seconds is popularly known as an “Elevator Pitch”. Startup entrepreneurs may have multiple opportunities to meet investors simultaneously. It is a smart idea to prepare your elevator pitch for such occasions.

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