WhatsApp Exploring Unread Chats Filter features

WhatsApp has started testing a conversation-filter that allows you to quickly see all of your unread message.

WhatsApp Desktop beta testers are the only ones who can access the unopened chats filter. Standard users will soon be able access the unopened chats filter on both the web version and the instant messaging platform for iOS or Android.

WhatsApp is also rumored be working on a feature to allow poll results to be accessed. Through its Universal Windows Platform (UWP) release, the messaging app is also exploring its ‘View Once’ functionality for photographs and videos on Windows.

WhatsApp Desktop beta 2.2221.0 now includes the unread chats feature, according to WABetaInfo (a WhatsApp beta tracker). All unopened chats will be available for users to see in one place.

WABetaInfo states that users will be able deactivate the filter simply by clicking on the filter icon again, or by selecting the Clear filter option.

The instant messaging platform has added conversation filters to make it easier to locate unread, noncontact and contact messages. The feature was initially limited to corporate users and is now being tested for the desktop application.

WhatsApp users on iOS or Android have yet to receive the date at which they will be able chat filters. WABetaInfo claims that the experience will be the same for all users in the near-term.

The instant messaging platform has been developing a group polling feature since March. Although the beta testers had access to it in April, it has not been made public to the general public.

Separately, WhatsApp for Windows has begun testing its ‘View Once’ feature for photographs and videos via its UWP version. WABetaInfo says that this feature is in WhatsApp for Windows beta 2.2221.4.0.

Last year, the ‘View Once’ feature was made available to mobile WhatsApp users. It allows you send movies and photos that can only be seen once.

The instant messaging platform was first seen introducing ‘View Once’ images and videos to Windows users in April. The feature was not available for testing until today.

WhatsApp users can now send audio messages via their laptop or desktop using the latest Windows client. This includes voice notes and support for multi-channel messaging.

It might convince some customers to switch to the Universal Windows Platform Version, currently in beta testing. You can download it from the Microsoft Store.

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