WhatsApp launched pilot program for cryptocurrency payments in America

WhatsApp launched a trial program to allow a limited number of individuals in the United States to send and receive cryptocurrency funds via chat.

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Novi, a meta-cryptocurrency wallet, will allow users to transfer or receive money through Facebook’s messaging service, WhatsApp.

Novi Meta’s prototype digital wallet launched six weeks back. The feature can accept payments in Pax Dollars(USDP) and is a stable coin that is tied to the US Dollar.

Novi’s CEO Stephane Kasriel announced the news, as well as WhatsApp’s Will Cathcart.

Stephane Kasriel CEO Novi said that the trial program was only offered to a select number of people in the United States.

Kasriel explained that Novi doesn’t affect the privacy of WhatsApp calls and messages.

Meta Platforms, previously Facebook, has been creating the wallet app for several months. Due to legal concerns, its global plans to launch digital money called Diem have been slowed down.

Novi’s website explains that you can send a payment in the same manner as any attachment on WhatsApp.

This feature can be accessed by tapping the plus icon on iOS or Android, and then selecting “Payment”.

Novi claims that there are no fees to send or receive money. There are no restrictions on how frequently payments can be sent. Additionally, there is no limit to the amount of money you can send. Also, there are not any expenses for maintaining your Novi account balance or withdrawing funds to your bank accounts. The payment is processed immediately.

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