WhatsApp launches a campaign to help African SMEs reach more customers

WhatsApp has launched a campaign tagged ‘WhatsAppreneurs’ to assist business owners in Africa to reach more target customers.

In a statement by Balkissa Siddo, Public Policy Director for WhatsApp Africa and the messaging and video calling platform Meta, the new advocacy service was announced.

Siddo claimed that the campaign would focus on the stories and experiences of small and medium businesses (SMB) in Africa. It will also help them learn about growth opportunities through the WhatsApp Business app via a virtual educational webinar.

The statement read: “Across Africa, SMB owners are using the WhatsApp Business app to develop their businesses, showcase their products, close sales and connect with their customers. WhatsApp Business App is a tool that helps businesses succeed in their markets, reach new customers, and grow their business consistently.

“We are delighted to be a part of the success stories of small businesses that are so important to communities across Africa. “As SMBs represent a sizable percentage of the economic population demonstrating great potential for growth, opportunity creation, and overcoming poverty post-pandemic, there is a need to provide support through digital tools to help them scale.”

According to Siddo, the WhatsAppreneur campaign was designed to provide the resources needed for businesses to realize their potential growth and empower society. Siddo stated that the WhatsApp business app would allow businesses to have a deeper and more meaningful relationship with customers.

The app is free and allows users to create a WhatsApp business catalog that can be viewed from any location. Earlier in 2018, the WhatsApp platform launched the WhatsApp Business App aimed at smaller businesses that want to establish an official presence on WhatsApp’s service and connect with customers.

This app offered a range of features that are not available to WhatsApp users, including automated quick replies, greeting messages and FAQs. It also included statistics and away messaging. In an effort to improve business communications, the social media platform also opened its Cloud API in May 2022 for all businesses worldwide. This will allow developers and businesses to use WhatsApp to customize their experience and quickly respond to customers.

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