WhatsApp May Soon Allow You to Exit Your Group Without Notifying Others

WhatsApp has been discovered to offer the ability for users to leave groups silently – without informing other members of their departure.

It will be much easier for people to leave unwelcome and bothersome groups, as other members would be notified.

This is especially true in family groupings when you don’t want your siblings to realize you’ve left because of random “Good Morning” greetings or messages that need basic fact-checking.

WhatsApp automatically generates a notification when someone leaves a group. All group members and administrators have access to this notification.

WhatsApp’s Communities feature revealed that it had introduced the ability for members to leave groups silently. It was not announced when the feature would be made available.

“We’re also implementing the ability to secretly leave a group,”This program is noted on the FAQ website. “so everybody in a group is not told in case somebody decides the topic is no longer for them.”

According to WABetaInfoThe screenshot that was used to announce the new feature was taken from the latest WhatsApp Desktop beta. The change will be available to WhatsApp users on iOS and Android.

WhatsApp has been updating its group work platform for some time to make it easier for users to communicate.

It announced an increase of the group size limit from 256 to512 members. Also, it offered the option to reply to messages in groups using reaction emojis instead of typing the text. WhatsApp has increased the number of people who can take part in group voice calls, from 8 to 32.

According to WhatsApp’s blog post, the increased group capacity is being rolled out “slowly” to users.

It could also set the tone for Communities, which allows users to group together different groups under one roof.

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