Whatsapp now allows you to hide profile picture and last seen from specific people

WhatsApp was well-known for taking a long time in introducing new features. Social media is improving their speed. In less than a year, the company has released long-awaited features and significant upgrades. The company launched the multi-device support and recently announced “Communities” as a big hub for group management. There are also interesting features coming for chats and file transfer. Today, the company is giving an important step to make the app more interesting for those who want extended privacy.

WhatsApp introduced a new privacy setting last year. It allows users hide their profile photos, last visited, and information from certain people in their contact list. Of course, as a “beta feature”, it was not available for everyone. Today, however, the company has announced a global rollout for Android devices and iOS devices.



There were three privacy options: last seen, about information, and profile photos. These were “Everyone, My Contacts, and Nobody”. Now, there is a fourth option that “My contacts except…”. This option has been available in Status Privacy settings for a while.

As usual, the feature follows “WhatsApp logic” that is basically: If you don’t allow people to see your info, you can’t see their info as well”. So take in mind, that if you limit someone’s access to your Profile Picture, Last Seen, and About info to one person, this person’s data will also not be visible to you.

The company is also launching some group calling features. This allows you to mute other participants in group calls and to send messages to specific people. You’ll be able to see a banner when someone joins a group call offscreen.
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