Windows 11 will now force all users to have a microsoft account

Microsoft wants you to create an account for Windows 11. It will soon be impossible to install Windows 11 using your local account. This applies to the Pro version as the Home edition already has this restriction.

This process will be enforced by Windows Latest version 22H2 Windows 11. The operating system cannot be installed on your computer without an Internet connection.

Windows 11 Home already requires you to use a Microsoft account. To enter his email address when he installs the OS, the user must connect to the Internet. As with Windows 10, you cannot use a local account.

OneDrive, which is very useful when you use several terminals, or automatic connections to Microsoft software (such as the Xbox application and Outlook) are some of the benefits. Some people don’t want to be able to access Windows 11 online. Some users have found tricks to be able to use a local account. However, Microsoft takes great care in removing these alternatives.

You will need a Microsoft account to use Windows 11

It will soon be required to have a Microsoft account in order to use the Microsoft tool. It may be surprising to some users but it is actually logical. Google, Apple… all the big tech companies now require an online ID. This is a way to make life easier for users, as well as to make data more accessible and to strengthen security.

At this time, the requirement for a Microsoft account only appears to apply to new installs. What about Windows 11 Pro? These local accounts may need to move online. We will have to wait until we find out. This big 22H2 update for all OS versions should be available in October.

Microsoft continues to face difficulties in the distribution of Windows 11, the new operating system. AdDuplex statistics provide further evidence of this. Windows 11 Stable was installed globally on 19.7% of Microsoft computers as of April 26, 2022. This is just 0.3% more than March results.

In April, Win 11 Insider’s test version was 0.7%. In March, it was 0.6%. The total Windows 11 share is now at 20.4%. Microsoft has not observed any growth in Windows 11 since several years.

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