Wirex Wallet Announces New Payment Methods and NFT Functionality

The Wirex Wallet hailed as the world’s first mass-market non-custodial wallet has expanded its next-generation features and functionality. Global users can now add NFTs and purchase crypto directly on multiple Blockchains. They can also pay with Apple Pay and Google Pay. Customers in IndiaMalaysiaIndonesia and Portugal will also benefit from new alternative payment methods.

Wirex Wallet holders can now storeAnd hold NFTs on multiple blockchains purchased on popular marketplaces such as OpenSea within the Wallet. This feature allows users to store and access over 100 cryptocurrencies in one place. The Wallet’s unique biometric-based security system removes the need for private keys, meaning Wallet users will have straightforward access to their NFTs. Multi-party computing (MPC), a method of verifying that only authorized owners have access to assets, provides unparalleled security.

Wirex also released a new suite of features that makes it easier to buy crypto on the Wallet. This feature allows users to directly buy crypto on multiple blockchains within the Wallet, saving them a significant amount of gas fees. The partnership with uTorg has resulted in this new feature, which will provide a direct access to tokens on the Ethereum Smart Chain, Fantom and Avalanche blockchains.

They have also increased the number of payment options available to users who want to purchase crypto. This includes Apple Pay and Google Pay. These additions are in addition to the global debit/credit options. They’ve also launched multiple alternative payment methods popular across the globe in IndiaMalaysiaIndonesiaAnd Portugal.

Wirex’s CEO and Co-Founder, Pavel MatveevIt was said: “The Wirex Wallet has already proven popular with hardcore crypto fans as well as mainstream users thanks to its intuitive UX and market-leading security features and technology. NFT ownership has increased at an incredible rate. The addition NFTs in the Wallet will connect NFTs with the real world, providing additional layers of trust and security. Flexibility and choice will be a key component, by expanding the payment methods for multiple blockchains, further widening access and appeal.”

This announcement follows the launch of a strategic partnership between metaverse NFT project Tori Zero and Tori Zero. The Wirex Wallet will now include the first NFT project that uses motion capture technology, after having recently released the first NFT collections.

James WildboreRedlab Studio Co-Founder, Judith.: “Last week, we launched our newest NFT collection, which is the first virtual idol project in the blockchain industry. This is a great timing, as Wirex Wallet users now have the ability to store NFTs in their Wallet. Over the coming months, we have plans to collaborate further in exclusive cross-branded products and payment solutions.”

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