Wisewell raises $2M in pre-Seed Funding


Wisewell, a New York-based sustainability-driven clean water technology company, raised $2M in Pre-Seed funding.

The round, which brings total funding to $2.6M to date, was led by BECO Capital.

The company plans to use the funds for expansion and to increase its business reach.

Led by Co-Founders Sami Khoreibi and Sebastien Wakim, Wisewell provides an installation-free machine that transforms tap water into high-quality drinking water that rivals the best brands in taste at less than a third the cost per liter. Four-step Full Spectrum Filtration removes all known contaminants including forever chemicals (PFAS), and microplastics before remineralizing water for optimal taste and hydration.

Its reverse-osmosis filter system allows users to track the quality of their tap water using sensors. The filters can also be cleaned and reordered. The app tracks consumers’ cost savings against leading bottled water brands and consumers’ improved carbon footprint from not purchasing bottled water.

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