Wombat partners with Currencycloud to launch its new, free Instant Investment service to open up investing for a wider market

Micro-investment platform based in the UK Wombat has partnered up with Currencycloud, the experts in simplifying business operations in a multi-currency environment, has launched its Instant Investing account, which gives investors instant access to stocks in the US and the UK.

In line with Wombat’s goal of making investing effortless and accessible for all, the easy-to-use Instant Investing account lets people who want to trade more frequently, and with more choice, do so with no initial subscription fee and only small FX transaction fees. Investors can place trades instantly, with no commission, during US markets hours. The new account adds to Wombat’s range of carefully chosen, low-cost, theme-based exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and fractional UK, US and EU shares.

Wombat has partnered with Currencycloud to integrate its APIs directly into its app. This allows Wombat to provide instant access to the most popular US shares and stocks by executing instant buy/sell orders. There is no commission and very low exchange rates. Customers can trade in real time and convert USD to GBP or vice versa whenever it suits them, without any hidden fees.

Says Kane Harrison (CEO and Co-founder at Wombat).: “The addition of Instant Investing is really exciting for us as it gives our users the opportunity to further their investment journey. If you want to trade shares more frequently, the new instant account will allow you to have greater flexibility and access to live market pricing and real-time investment. These new features are fundamental to the next stage of our development and give our users the tools they need to invest the way they want.”

Nick Cheetham (Chief Revenue Officer at Currencycloud) commented: “The growth of Wealthtech over the last couple of years has been meteoric. Working with a brand like Wombat, that provides investment opportunities to the layman is a perfect example of our mutual goal of leveling the playing fields within financial services.”

Wombat is available to download from Apple’s App Store and Google Play now.

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