Woosh Raises $1.3M in Funding


Woosh, a San Francisco-based technology company that focuses on improving indoor air quality (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) performance through data, raised $1.3M.

Alex Haro, Chris Nguyen and Matt Humphry were among the backers.

Winston Mok was the original Google Product Manager. Woosh has created a product with an injection-molded frame. It allows filters to change like a Swiffer Sweeper, which reduces waste and landfills. The smart filter can be connected to Wi-Fi to transmit data to a mobile phone app. Filters can then be sent to the home via subscription. Woosh will use MERV13-rated filters that capture >50% of viruses and bacteria (including COVID-19).

Woosh is officially launching on Kickstarter with expectations to deliver the consumer product in Q4 2022.

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