Wyze’s Camera Subscription Lets You Pay Whatever You Want, Even Nothing

wyze cam

There are many home security cameras on the market today. Many of them offer a subscription program that allows users to access more features such as stored recordings, for an additional fee each month. This fee would be in addition to the original purchase price of the camera.

Wyze however has an interesting idea that they shared in their forums. Users can choose how much to pay even though it is $0. Wyze claims that the company started this experiment last year and that users paid full price for it. However, they discovered that many of them were honest and paid the full amount.

This feature was so popular that the company decided it would be open to all its users. Cam Plus Lite will give Wyze Person Detection, 12-second cloud recordings, and Cam Plus Lite to all users, at any price, including $0. We are also adding several features to local recording on microSD cards such as removing the 32GB limit and adding skip forward/rewind buttons em>

If you have a Wyze camera and want to access its more advanced features that are currently behind a paywall (or any other price), you can subscribe at whatever price you feel is fair. Although it’s an interesting experiment, we are not sure if the company will be able to make a profit long-term.

You can still take advantage of the offer, but it’s not too late.

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