Xiaomi 12 Ultra will have a rare Leica Red Label

Xiaomi 12 Ultra’s Leica Red Label

Xiaomi officially announced last month that it will cooperate with Leica to bring a substantial improvement in photography. Leica’s most well-known logo is the small red circle. This is a joke because it is similar to the Coke label.

The Leica label looks very high and is also a symbol of identity, but in the phone, rarely see the real small red circle appear, Huawei previously vigorously promote the Leica image and also failed to add the Leica red label to their lens, Xiaomi can do it?

The blogger Digital Chat Station brought a report recently, suggesting that Xiaomi’s new machine could have Leica’s red logo on the lens module.

Before the cooperation of many cell phone brands, the Leica side of authorization control for the logo is quite strict. Also, only their phones are affixed with the Coke label. It seems that many people would like the Xiaomi image flagship with Leica Coke label” said, Digital Chat Station.

Carl Zeiss’s small blue label and orange T coating have appeared on Vivo’s flagship phone, but also for Vivo’s phone in the image of the market recognition brought a certain elevation, if Xiaomi 12 Ultra this time really can Leica’s small red label on the cell phone module, I believe it will also bring a great boost to the brand influence of Xiaomi cell phones.

These upgrades to performance and camera quality are only part of the story. The super-sized flagship will also feature new design surprises. Digital Chat Station has just released the latest information. It may be Xiaomi 12 Ultra.

The new Xiaomi 12 Ultra will be made of ceramic and will offer “a business class black leather back cover and a nice white ceramic back cover” and expressed the hope that these two nice colorways will not be cut off.

Xiaomi has previously been in several high-end flagships commercial ceramic texture processes, such as last year’s Xiaomi 11 Ultra, and this year’s Xiaomi 12 Ultra again to bring the possibility of a breakthrough is still very large, the final effect will be very worth looking forward to.

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