Xiaomi L1 features High Pixel 5x Telephoto, and Self-research Technology

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Although the first generation of Snapdragon 8 Gen1 machines has been released, many people who love telephoto photography will regret that it is missing from this machine’s current release.

According to the news, however, the new machine this year will still have a periscopic Telephoto Lens Image flagship. These are Vivo 5 and Xiaomi12 Ultra/Mix5 PRO.

Digital Chat Station has some news for today: “Look at the next domestic machine telephoto program. 5x Periscope super-telephoto machine or a few. But currently, look at the Xiaomi L1 that high-pixel 5x Telephoto imaging is relatively superior, but also their manipulations of new technology new things.”

According to previous rumors, the “L1” codename of Xiaomi’s flagship Xiaomi 12 Ultra will be officially released in March. The machine’s back is shown in the renders. This square opening indicates that it has a periscope lens.

It is worth noting, however, that the machine’s rear camera component may have other unusual highlights. The rendering of its rear camera module is exaggerated and covers a large area.

According to rumors, Xiaomi 12 Ultra could use a three primary camera system and an ultra-telephoto lens. It is believed that Xiaomi 12 Ultra will be the first flagship phone to receive Leica certification.

Only two cell phone makers, Sharp and Huawei, had previously collaborated with Leica to get Leica certification. If Xiaomi and Leica can reach an agreement, Xiaomi will be the third cell phone manufacturer to receive Leica certification.

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