Xiaomi M2 Will Have SM8550 And Ceramic Back

Xiaomi M2 (Xiaomi 13, Pro) Will Come With SM8550 & Ceramic Back

Although Xiaomi 12 Series phones are still about to launch in July including the protagonist Xiaomi 12 Ultra and Xiaomi 12s Series, Xiaomi already started preparing Xiaomi 13 Series.

Digital Chat Station today revealed new information on the Xiaomi 13 Series. According to him, Xiaomi M2 (codename Xiaomi 13 Pro) is moving too quickly. This speculation also points out that Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Gen2 (SM8550) will also launch earlier than expected.

Xiaomi M2 will also have the old ceramic backcover restored. The overall workmanship texture is a big improvement.

From the burst of information, Xiaomi 13 series has two major features: one is the use of ceramic material, and the second is equipped with Qualcomm’s second-generation Snapdragon 8 flagship processor.

As we all know, ceramic material has been applied in several Xiaomi flagships, such as Xiaomi 11 Ultra. Xiaomi applied a high-end ceramic texture process to this flagship. The entire process, from the powder to finished product, took 24 complex steps.

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