Xiaomi Mix 5 Pro Concept Renderings

Since the inception of the Xiaomi 10 series, Xiaomi has launched every year the most anticipated flagship. Each generation of Ultra is the highest-level Xiaomi flagship.


Xiaomi may also launch its highest-end high-end flagship in 2022. However, it might not be called the Xiaomi 12 Ultra. Letsgodigital recently produced the Xiaomi MIX5 Pro concept renderings. The diagram is based upon the configuration parameters currently circulated on the Internet. We don’t take this seriously, but we enjoy it.

The figure shows that the Xiaomi Explore Black Technology MIX series is used. It’s no surprise that the front screen uses under-screen camera technology. I believe this will be the last generation of CUP technology. The front selfie aspect will also see a significant improvement and offer the same experience as the punch hole screen.

The rear lens is the most prominent feature of the design, round + square design can also be described as memorable. The small red mark logo in the upper right corner is also eye-catching. This machine will be marked by Leica and will be the first Xiaomi/Leica cooperation product.

You may already be familiar with this phone’s design, which is similar to the Xiaomi 12 Ultra. According to LetsGoDigital’s report, Xiaomi’s strongest flagship of this year might not be the Xiaomi 12 Ultra, but the Xiaomi MIX 5 Pro , which is the same phone.

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