xtingles Expands its Effort to Bring Wellness into Web3 Through Deep Life Labs

xtingles is the leading platform for ASMR NFT collectibles. Now, it has formed Deep Life Labs (DLL) to expand its efforts to bring ASMR into Web3. This parent organization will create richer, more meaningful ASMR experiences on the xtingles platform and help collectibles. Deep Life Labs will not only be creating new ways to collect ASMR content but also a wide range of projects related to well-being in Web3.

It is vital to keep your mental and physical well-being in mind as the world moves more online. Deep Life Labs, which focuses on the utilization of Web3 technologies for virtual wellness purposes, is at the forefront. Deep Life Labs will be able to create projects in other areas of well-being through its improved production and technical capabilities. This will bridge the gap between Web3 wellness and Web3. As the company’s innovation and production hub, Deep Life Labs will connect xtingles and its other Web3 well-being initiatives to build a more comprehensive collection of well-being experiences and collectibles. Deep Life Labs strives to make the world a better place.

“We recognized the impact our platform was having in bringing the benefits of ASMR and related content to a wider audience,” said Andrew Fai, Chief Visionary Officer at xtingles. “Deep Life Labs came into life with a mission to become the pioneer in generating excitement, exploration and community in us all in our journeys toward growth and peace. We plan to achieve this by developing immersive experiences and communities focused on well-being.”

Deep Life Labs intends to grant xtingles holders access to Cozies, its first major project. Holders of xtingles will be able to claim some NFTs from the Ethereum blockchain. There will be 10,000 genesis NFTs. Deep Life Labs hopes to create a peaceful oasis in Web3 with Cozies. Visit deeplifelabs.com for more information and follow DLL Twitter.

About xtingles

xtingles has one mission: to provide ASMR to 1,000,000 souls. The company’s vision is to create a community-first ASMR metaverse.


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