Lagos to host the Y Combinator Startup School in June

Y Combinator has revealed that the Startup School will be held at Lagos from June 27, 2022 through August 10, 2022.

100 founders will be hosted at Paystack’s headquarters in Lagos, where Y Combinator alumni, Paystack’s co-founder and CEO, Shola Akinlade will tell the Paystack story.

Startup School is a compilation of the best advice Y Combinator’s alumni/partners have offered themselves or gathered from experts in the field.  This online course is offered by YC Group Partners, successful YC founders and other experts. It teaches startup founders how they can build a billion-dollar business.

Founders can give talks live, ask questions, attend local meetups, and listen to YC alumni tell their stories.

Startup School 2022 is the first edition that will include in-person meetings and talks in more than a hundred cities across the globe.

Three years ago, the last Startup School course was held. This was in the summer before Covid-19. Y Combinator promised participants a reimagined experience, designed for a global network of founders and combining the best online and in-person.

How to become an African founder in Y Combinator

We applied three times to Ycombinator before being accepted. Our ability to clearly articulate the problems that we faced and the potential solutions was what made us succeed.

Another new introduction to the startup school is a track for founders who don’t have an idea yet and are just exploring doing a startup. This course is for founders with an existing idea who are actively working on a startup.

This time, the course is split into two tracks: an “active founders” track and an “aspiring founders” track. Y Combinator expects the majority of participants to be in aspiring founders track as startup school is the best fit for them.

Lagos Meetup founders can register here.

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