Zwarttech changes its name to “Zarttech” to strengthen its market position

Zwarttech today announced it will change its name to Zarttech in order to improve its service offerings and consolidate its market share.

Zwarttech changes to Zarttech

This Dutch tech startup bridges the gap by connecting top-1% African IT experts with West businesses on a remote basis.

Zwarttech was founded in 2020 by Nelson T. Ajulo. Its goal is to provide economic opportunities for Africa, from the West, to senior IT talent in Africa, so that they can get high-paying jobs from their homes.

This innovative approach ensures that senior software professionals do not have to leave their families. It also discourages Africa’s brian-drain while economically contributing to the West economies. The African resource is the perfect solution to the crisis of senior tech resources in the west.

Zwartech has over 800 highly qualified software developers from 15 African countries, including Kenya, Nigeria and Morocco.

Zwarttech is home to over 100,000 IT professionals and has 22 partners including Invest Africa (HSD), The Hague Security Data, Google, StartupGrind, EU-Startups, and Invest Africa. The startup has also worked with satisfied clients from the United States, Canada, India and Switzerland.

Zarttech will continue to pursue the same vision, mission, and objectives. Zarttech plans to increase the remarkable achievements of Zwarttech, working with CSR departments, and attracting more clients across Europe, the US and other parts the world, without bias.Nelson TA Chairman Poverty

Nelson T. Ajulo (founder of Zarttech) commented on the name change. He said that Zwarttech was created to close the gap between the inequalities he saw growing up in two worlds: one with abundance and one where people struggle to meet their daily needs. Bridging inequality was about equity, helping the poorest people have access to the essentials of life, and giving voice to the voices that aren’t heard.

This is because Zwarttech’s success will bring positive reinforcement to the world by identifying success, technology innovation, globalisation and entrepreneurship. Our society isn’t ready so we will change our name to Zarttech from Zwarttech. We believe Zarttech can help us start this important conversation with the society and gain their support. We will be able to accomplish our great mission of changing the world by adding more positivity, possibilities and creating a new economy.

Ajulo says: “We are excited about continuing our journey to bridging the opportunity gaps with Zarttech by connecting top 1% of African IT Experts with businesses in West and upskilling communities in several African countries (Nigeria and Ghana) for free.”

Ajulo concluded that the name change affects other Zarttech social solutions projects such as Zart Talent Foundation, Zart Recruit, Zart Hub and ZartCyber.

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